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Which Love Island stars will stab their mates in the back and who will DEFINITELY win

cheap jordans 3 Love Island villa is filled with more snakes than a Bushtucker Trial, says body language expert Judi James cheap jordans 3

cheap jordans nike “Fantasising about having a body like one of the islanders, being grateful my relationship isn’t as turbulent as theirs and most importantly the analysis of their every interaction.” cheap jordans nike

Here are Dr Becky’s psychological observations of last night’s episode broken down by the personality traits of empathic, security, attachment, maturity and ability to influence.

The least empathic in the house

Megan kissing Wes completely lacked empathy, it appeared she was even lying to herself in order to defend her actions as justifiable. The request for a kiss was inappropriate and was an aggressive action to take.

cheap jordans under 50 dollars On a subconscious level this may even come across as unattractive as cheap jordans sale Wes might only http://www.nikefacebook.com cheap jordans from china see her in a sexual manner with cheap jordans shoes short term allure rather than as a long term partner. cheap jordans under 50 dollars

cheap jordans india The fact that he didn’t have to do anything to win her over might not seal the deal very tightly with him and he might cheap jordans china not grow to value what they end up developing in the way that Jack values Dani a slow and steady courtship can go a long way. cheap jordans india

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cheap authentic jordans websites Eyal has never said cheap Air max shoes a bad word about any of cheap jordans for sale the other housemates, cheap jordans on sale he hasn’t even slipped in to bitching mode once which really shows cheap jordans free shipping he cares about people’s feelings. cheap authentic jordans websites

cheap jordans.com The least secure in the house I feel that when it comes to love Alex is very insecure and cheap nike shoes it’s this insecurity that is making him transmit a somewhat needy vibe which is putting girls off him. cheap jordans.com

buy cheap jordans online It’s not that nice guy finishes last, it’s the needy guys do. He’s cheap adidas won my heart in terms of his niceness but he does make me cringe when he gets overly keen and awkward with girls. buy cheap jordans online

The most secure in the house

Dani Dyer is the most secure girl in the house not only because she is in a secure couple but she didn’t go for a guy she thought looked the best she even stated how cheap nike shoes she thought Jacks teeth looked a bit funny at the start but she was guided by her emotions and was naturally drawn to the guy who she sensed would treat her the best.

cheap jordans uk This is most likely to be as a result of receiving really good parenting and experiencing a lot of love from her mum and dad when she was growing up (well done Danny Dyer Snr!) cheap jordans uk

The least likely to attach in the house While Adam will attach cheap jordans online very strongly to any girl he perceives as being of a higher value to him (Zara), Wes will most likely remain loosely attached for a very long period of time without placing any level of idolisation on to a female.

cheap air jordan shoes for sale There is nothing necessary wrong with this, the fact that he is not overly intense in his relationships serves him well so that he doesn’t get in too deep too soon, Wes is happy getting to know a girl but if she gets too intense he’s gone and rightly so. cheap air jordan shoes for sale

Wes showed early signs of departing from Laura when he expressed interest in Ellie and he may repeat the same pattern with Megan after they have had their initial fun.

It’s likely girls will always want a bit more from Wes than he is ready to give. He is acting completely appropriate for a guy of his age.

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Love Island fans finally turn on ‘secret game player’ Dr Alex and cheap air force blast his ‘entitled’ reaction to Ellie rejection

cheap nikes and jordans Alex will throw his heart in to his relationships and he will stick around, after all he will most likely have worked very hard for it even if it’s just in terms of the mental effort he will have invested in orchestrating the seduction process. cheap nikes and jordans

cheap jordans under 40 dollars The least mature person in the house Adam is the most immature person in the house for the fact that he couldn’t admit to Rosie initially that he was wrong and instead tried to save face by blaming things on her. cheap jordans under 40 dollars

I’m skeptical about the apology he gave her and feel the producers may cheap yeezys have pulled him aside and influenced this for fear of the show being seen in a bad light.

cheap jordans real authentic While I don’t believe he was “gaslighting” Rosie as there was only one incident shown of him not agreeing with her perspective, I think he is limited in his ability to understand how his behaviour impacts others. Zara is right to keep cheap air jordan him at arm’s length. cheap jordans real authentic

The most mature person in the house Cheap jordans In my opinion Eyal is the most mature person in the house, he is courteous kind and doesn’t ever let his emotions get in the way of treating a person well, he looks at things from a balance perspective.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and it sadly meant that Megan departed cheap jordans in china from him.

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cheap jordans women’s shoes But she’s probably done him a favour as he has clearly shown he cares about people’s feelings as evidenced by offering to sleep on the sofa, giving Megan the bed after she broke it off with him cheap jordans women’s shoes.