Jehmu Green spoke of Planned Parenthood’s services to low

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uk canada goose outlet The wives fought over wives. Zeus treated them poorly. They have hundreds of children. Jehmu Green spoke of Planned Parenthood’s services to low income women and how they won’t be able to access the service if Planned Parenthood is eliminated. After Lowry said that he didn’t want his tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood (so he’s cool with tax dollars going to an endless war but not to poor women who need gynecological care? nice!), Martha wrapped the anti choice meme up in a nice pretty ribbon. She said that we may see, as previously noted by Lowry, a division between the abortion services and canada goose parka outlet uk other gynecological services at Planned Parenthood because “there are a lot of people who very much do not want to see their tax dollars go that way and raises, it’s a states rights question, in my view” (ROFLMAO it’s not your view, it’s a Fox talking point pulleeze). canada goose outlet online uk uk canada goose outlet

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