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cheap moncler jackets The “Talking Points” chyron, “Out for Revenge,” from last night (January 12th), could have been a title for Bill O’Reilly’s memoirs (as opposed to “bold, fresh, piece” of fill in the blank!). The title of the segment, “Barack Obama and the revenge factor,” could be a description of Bill’s show. Once moncler coats for women again, Bill’s delusions and paranoia were front and center as he opened his TP (and what do these letters signify???) with a rant about how the “far left,” since the Obama victory, is Official Moncler Outlet on a “rampage” (Memo to Bill you really need some new verbiage as this stuff is hardly bold and fresh.) His background visual aid (the summary of his statements, just in case you weren’t listening) read moncler jackets cheap that “the far left is emboldened and ON THE ATTACK (don’t you love the muy macho war imagery?!) and promoting a variety of ultra liberal policies which Bill verbalized as gay marriage and opposition moncler outlet online to “enhanced interrogation techniques.” (Memo to Bill that’s called “torture.”) Once again, the “rampage” moncler outlet store was from our favorite loofah Lancelot.. cheap moncler jackets

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cheap moncler sale Scott Rasmussen, “a friend of this program,” has doen some polling and the results are, well, predictable: 56% disagreed with Obama’s comment, 25% agreed. They played Clinton’s commercial that took advantage of the perceived gaffe, with people on the street proclaiming their offense taken and support moncler jacket online for Clinton. Doocy said he was listening to talk radio moncler outlet online store “on both sides” and this was the number one issue being talked about cheap moncler sale.