The eponymous student council has military

Gainaxing: Dead or Alive’s shtick since the first game, but in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, each breast has its own physics, meaning both can jiggle independently. The eponymous student council has military, law enforcement, and intelligence/ninja divisions, and is hand picked by its president, Jinguuji Kanade, for reasons that she mostly keeps to herself.

Brick Joke: Rose’s joke about how Ranger Rusty “used to be human, but now he’s just black coffee wrapped in skin”, after you face him as an elite Taken. She is also a Twitterer. He takes a deep breath, says her name once more, and gets halfway through “I Replica Stella McCartney bags before the connection’s gone..

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Advanced Ancient Humans: Technology Levels on Kobol seem to have been much higher than in the Colonies or on Earth. However, since Greagoir survives the Broken Circle quest in the Replica Valentino Handbags BioWare novel/comics canon, it is unclear whether Gleam’s adventures (or even her birth) occur before or after the Fifth Blight.