Akira: (Ultra) Blue Cherry Daita/Daigoro: Ki Sticker and

May or may not be a marker of Elite Mooks. It’s actually very strange and no one seems to know why it happens. Impossible Task Instantly Accomplished: In Arc 4, the police give Wily a huge bail sum of a billion dollars, hoping it will deter him until the trial.

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Tempting Fate: The beginning of “Need for Steve”. Combat Commentator Cool Car: Cool Motorcycle. Tsuyoshi: (New) Red Vutenote Can transform into either the Spear Vute, Drill Vute, or Red Hunter. Hold the Line: The Scottish troops under Gawain, fighting the Mongol hordes using a combination of pikes http://www.agravia.com/it-was-the-era-of-prime-minister-adnan-menderes/, archers, catapults, and a narrow bridge to trap them in a meatgrinder.