The smear campaign has been incredibly effective

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canada goose store 10 points buy canada goose jacket cheap submitted 12 hours agoI in Australia and generally even a lot of the uk canada goose outlet people Canada Goose sale I know who hate Trump (which is almost everyone; he pretty universally derided over here) also dislike Hillary. The smear campaign has been incredibly effective. iphone 4 custodia I asked a few to articulate why they don like her and the most detailed response I got was corrupt!!! with no further elaboration. custodia ferrari iphone 7 I also heard the classic wants war with Russia angle which is where I just put my head in my hands and weep for democracy.HighFiveMinato 0 points submitted 1 day agoi dont know of what pedophiles you are talking canada goose store about, lets see the pedos canada goose who have been caught since Trump is around, maybe you canada goose coats mean:Democratic State Senator Dan Suttongay activist Carl Stanley McGeechief legislative aide to Senator Barbara Boxer, Mr. custodia apple iphone 6 originale Bernard Vincent WardDavidson County Democratic Party Chairman Rodney MullinsFormer Democrat Boston city councilor uk canada goose David Scondrasformer president of the Virginia chapter of the Canada Goose Jackets ACLU from 2002 to 2005 Charles Rust TierneyNorth canada goose clearance sale Carolina Democrat activist Andrew Douglas ReedHouse of Representatives Mel ReynoldsGary Studds Studds was a central canada goose uk outlet figure in the 1983 Congressional cheap canada goose uk page sex scandalspolio 0 points submitted 1 day agosay again something about pedophilia, i dare you and in case you think this is fake news and propaganda, have some guts and google any of those canada goose uk shop names, i dare you Canada Goose Outlet too.roy moore and are those people fiends cheap Canada Goose of your, never hear of them and i only of 200 million that believe the exact same thing, also, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, Canada Goose Coats On Sale pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia,say again something buy canada goose jacket about pedophilia, i dare youis this an ACTIVE THREAT? it seems i did say canadian goose jacket pedophilia, again and againDrskankhunt 22 points submitted 1 day agoThis is an exciting time to be an American. custodia iphone 6 portafoglio trasparente presidents of all time. custodia iphone 7 batteria slim He just might denuclearize NK, Canada Goose online reunite NK Canada Goose Online SK, rework international trade agreements to benefit America and the American worker, and permanently alter illegal immigration patterns with a southern border canada goose black friday sale wall. He would have one of canada goose factory sale the most consequential presidencies Canada Goose Parka in history, canada goose coats on sale especially considering the long lasting impact he has canada goose outlet already produced with canada goose uk black friday taxes and the Supreme Court canada goose store.